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Saturday, 22 October 2011

All I Do Iz

"All I Do Iz" is one of the hit singles contained in the "The Infirm Mixtape.Vol.1",its based on my lifestyle collectively with my niggers,how we ride,mack on chicks,get high,get drunk,n demolish any nigger tryna give us vex..The promo music-video can be downloaded at-->

The Infirm Mixtape.Vol.1

The Infirm Mixtape.Vol.1 is Phat Blitz's first solo mixtape,well its based on sick lyrical content,conscious-rap if u ask me.The mixtape can be listened to at -> Phat Blitz is on a mission to replace cap-city rap-city on the map,cause indeed it has lost its uniqueness since skiny-jeans,bowling and swagger became a format of today's rapping tectics,all about the moola and women,well,there is more to hip hop then all that mentioned above,and thats what "The Infirm Mixtape.Vol.1" is reawakening,realness...The tape features cats like Sliq,D-k,Maj,Alcoholix-clique,Blow-g,etc..All the restless coons from "Lotus Gardens" (Lowkey-Gutta) cats who are always down for the core's,inspired by the hardcore/hood/gangsterism occurances that hepens in the hood,an era thats populated with scally-wags,its all hood if na-mean..Phat Blitz hardly equivocate jerk's on a scene,or fabricate his verbal's in a vocal booth,well,he live's what he rap and rap what he live's,meaning,unlike some tape's in "S.A",his mixtape aint corny,either foney,but benevollent to those who seek hardcore hip-hop..He certainly dasn't rap about moola he aint got and all that hyperthetical ish that most rap about,u nam-saying,well he aint promote such.Him and his niggers collectivelly they street regulators ever since day one,well known for caursing havoc,slinging pot,jacking,freestyling,etc.Eyo they been doing their thang,still doing their thang,and honestly gone do it till death,1000 to air nigger who rep the core indeed!